Goals For The Children:

Personal Information Goals

  • Full names
  • Age
  • Birthday
  • Knows telephone number
  • Knows street address
  • Knows first and last name(s) of Parent/Guardian

Emotional Goals

  • Begins to show empathy for others
  • Feels safe and secure away from parents
  • Shows affection or dislikes
  • Displays a sense of security
  • Exhibits self-confidence
  • Has a positive attitude

Social Goals

  • Imitates others
  • Influences or persuades others
  • Helps at clean-up time
  • Tries to please others
  • Plays cooperatively
  • Helps others
  • Interacts positively with peers
  • Interacts positively with adults
  • Stands up for own rights

Physical Goals

  • Sits well in chair
  • Climbs up steps
  • Marches in place
  • Rolls, throws, and kicks ball
  • Stacks blocks
  • Uses a crayon or paintbrush
  • Pedals tricycle
  • Can manipulate fasteners
  • Unties a bow and/or loose knot
  • Draws a recognizable person
  • Writes own name

Behavior Expectations:

We have high expectations for the students in our room. We expect the students to achieve academically to their fullest potential. We expect students to contribute in a positive manner to our classroom.

1. Show respect for themselves and others.
2. Make positive choices and good decisions
3. Problem solve
4. Help others

Goals for the Teachers:

  • Goal 1: To strive to be the best teachers we can be.
  • Goal 2:  To provide a safe, healthy, and attractive environment for the children. We will do this by arranging the classroom in a way to stimulate their learning skills.
  • Goal 3: To provide physical activities that support large and small muscle development.
  • Goal 4: To provide age-appropriate activities that encourages curiosity and use of the five senses.
  • Goal 5: To support social and emotional development through positive guidance and interactions.
  • Goal 6: To continue to grow as professionals and to be a positive role model.


Passion for Children

Serving children is our highest priority. We see ourselves as partners with parents and providers and caregivers to ensure good care for children.

Respect for Diversity

We honor diversity of all kinds and recognize that we are stronger when we are diverse. We strive to be culturally sensitive and to advocate for equity and inclusion in all the work that we do.

Excellence and Accountability

We set high standards for ourselves, use research-based best practices, and deliver on all of our promises with integrity.

Our Philosophy:

We understand that your child comes to us with unique experiences, interests and learning styles. Our goal is to truly know your child well and use this knowledge to guide, support and motivate him/ her. We believe that good teaching requires continual professional development, personal reflection and collaboration. We value parent involvement at every level and encourage you to partner with us to give your child the most powerful and joyous learning experience possible.