My current hours of operation are 6:15 AM – 5:00 PM

Policies and Procedures

The 5 enrollment forms attached below are required to be filled out by the parent and or  guardian before the child can be left in our care.


1. “Child Care Home Register” enrollment form must be completed and returned before your child is left in my care.

2. “Policies and Procedures” form must be completed and returned before your child is left in my care.

3. “Parent Fee Agreement” form must be completed and returned before your child is left in my care.

4. “Certificate of Immunization” is required by the State and I should have updated copies in my files.

5. “Authorization and Permission” forms must be completed and returned before your child is left in my care.

Download Forms Here

The policies and procedures listed below are how we function and structure the children’s daily schedule.  The last page of the Policies and procedures needs a signature and date.  By signing the policies and procedures you agree that you have read and agree too the daily schedule & structure of this child care.

Sign In and Sign Out:

Every morning when signing in your child for child care State law requires a full signature and time of arrival. Every afternoon or evening time when picking your child up from child care State law requires a full signature and time of departure. If I receive a fine for a lack of signature that is required on your part, I will have to re-direct that fine onto you, and you will agree to reimburse me for that fine. I need a FULL signature in the AM with time of arrival and a FULL signature in the PM and time of departure. (State law for ALL in home licensed providers and centers.) If you have authorized a Grand parent, Uncle, Aunt or a family friend to pick up your child from child care please let them know the routine and required signature.  Please notify me if this is a new person picking up your child.  Every person picking up your child from care must be on the Child care Home Register form under “other than you, who has permission to pick up your child?”

Fee Agreement:

Child care payments are always paid in advance prior to Child Care Services.  Please read this form carefully since this is a contract. Child care payments are always paid in advance on Monday mornings, every other Monday morning or on the 1st day of the month no later than 9:00 am prior to Child Care services. For example; if Child care needs to begin on Monday morning, payment needs to be made for that week or two on that Monday morning no later than 9:00 AM, and their after on Monday mornings no later than 9:00 AM . If payment is late a $35.00 late fee will be added to your bill and must be paid. “Please don’t be late.”  Please place your payment in your sign-in & sign-out calendar. Please read all Child care forms carefully since they are a contract. I do not give out any refunds. I will apply credit if credit needs to be applied. If you have a child care credit you will have up to 1 month to use your credit at child care.  Tuition is listed on the tuition form.  Payment may be made in cash, Money order, direct deposit or check via Bill payments.  No personal checks are accepted.


If your schedule for child care changes or rotates weekly or monthly please keep me informed. Your current schedule helps me plan ahead for meals and arts and craft projects. I always want to include all the children.

Please call me that night or early the next morning if your schedule has changed or your child is ill and will be unable to attend child care for the day.

If snow, ice or a large storm flies our way and the Vancouver school district was to close for the day, then for safety reasons child care will also be closed.  If the Vancouver school district is on a 2 hour delay because of the weather than please call to notify me if you will or will not be needing child care for the day.  Please remember I open child care when I know I am needed & I close child care when I am no longer needed for the day.  My posted hours of operation are only listed as an out line of hours, and they are not a guarantee.  I operate my child care hours by the hours listed on your agreement form. If you have any questions please have a talk with me.

Contagious and/or Ill Children:

Please be considerate and think of the other children and myself. If you think your child is contagious or is ill and you have a question please call me and ask. We do not want to expose the other children or myself to any contagious illness, rash or other. I cannot accept a child who is vomiting or has diarrhea. I cannot accept a child who has a fever of 101 or above, and cannot be controlled by Motrin or other fever medicines.
I cannot accept any child who even thinks they might have, or has been exposed to Head Lice. This exposure to other children will lead to a huge outbreak in Head Lice. If you think your child has head lice or nits, Please let me know or ask me for help in treatment. I cannot accept any child with a contagious rash, or an illness that requires medication for the first 24 hours after diagnosis. If your child is sick and you are unsure, please call me.  A sick child is always happier at home with family members to help them feel better.


A prescribed EpiPen is the only  medicine that the child care provider will administer and or store for the child in the event of an emergency.  The EpiPen must have a doctors prescription with the child’s name on it.

Prescription medicine will not be given and or stored by the provider.   Non prescription medicine such as Tylenol, cough syrup and or cough drops can  not be given to the child, by the provider and or stored at child care.  If your child needs medicine please provide that at home.

If your child needs sunblock and or bug spray please apply to your child that morning, prior to child care services for the day. I do not apply sunblock and or bug spray to children. Sun block and or bug spray can not be stored at child care. Children can not be responsible to apply their own sun block and or bug spray at child care.

Your child may bring a tooth brush and tooth paste to child care. Place them in a zip lock baggie to store in their locker. I do not assist in the brushing process. It will be up to your child to remember and brush on their own.

Minor Emergencies:

A minor emergency is usually falling down on their hands or knees while playing. I would handle this situation by helping the child up, give them a hug and say ‘you are going to be ok, lets go get a really cool band aid’. If that didn’t quite work, I might have the child call mom or dad at work, and just go from there until the child is calm and feels better.

Medical Emergencies:

The first thing I would do in a medical emergency is check the child, find out what kind of medical emergency, stabilize the child and the other children, call 911, administer CPR and or first aid, and call the parent or guardian. On the Authorization form, the parent must check the ‘yes’ box that reads ‘to obtain medical care’ for the ambulance driver to drive your child to the hospital.

Diapering and Pull Ups:

I will usually change a child’s diaper or pull up every two hours or as needed. The parent or guardian must supply diapers, pull ups and wipes. About potty training, I think the parent and the provider need to agree on when the child is ready, it takes both parent and provider to work together. I always sanitize my hands and the child’s hands before and after diapering, changing pull ups and potty training.

The word FULLY potty trained is used on the fee page.  My definition of FULLY potty trained means a child wears underwear full time,  they can clean themselves in the bathroom all by themselves, the child does not need a pull up for nap time and has no problems or accidents with going potty or poop in the toilet.

Change Of Clothing:

All of the children should  have a change of clothing such as undies, socks, shirt and pants.  A few of the seasonal items may be a pair of shorts,  hat and gloves, what ever the season may be at the time. Please provide a coat in the cold season.  Our policy right now is “If you don’t have a coat you cant go outside.”  I know every child, every day, would like to have the opportunity to go outside.  Maybe a tooth brush, tooth paste (in a zip baggie)  or hair brush.  These items may be kept in their lockers in the event the child  gets dirty or wet. This is their home away from home and I would like all the children comfortable.

Nap Time:

Nap time is right after lunch. I provide a cot and sheet for the children to sleep on. Please provide a small pillow, blanket and a stuffed animal or doll  from home.  Every child who is 5 years old and younger  at child care between 12:00 noon and 2:00 pm will quietly lay down and sleep. School age children may find a quiet activity to do.  I ask if you are planning a doctors appointment for your child or if you just want to pick up your child early from child care please do so before 12:00 noon or after 2:10 pm. So the other children napping have NO interruptions and get a good sleep.  This is quiet time between 12:00 & 2:00 pm

Health Care Plan:

Planning for healthy and happy children starts at home. Please have your child bathe at home and arrive at child care in clean clothing and a positive attitude. I plan breakfast around 7:00 am lunch at 11:00 am and PM snack around 2:30 pm-3:15 pm.   Good food is very important to little lives and I always try to make all meals yummy. I supply plenty of age appropriate activities, toys and games. During business hours I am always keeping a safe environment for the children. While playing with the children, I keep an eye out for any broken or damaged toys, or things that might be harmful. I also look to make sure that child care is kept clean and sanitary. With a clean and safe environment, children can play with-out any worries. That makes for a happy and healthy day.

Disaster Plan:

If a state wide disaster was to occur while your child was in my care, I would seek covered shelter. I always keep on hand extra batteries, dry blankets, water and canned food. If we were to seek a safer shelter other than my home, such as Felida Elementary or the local Fire Dept. on Lake Shore Ave. I would leave behind a note or possibly paint the information on my house to let you know where your child would be. But my number one job would be to make sure we are all safe.

What Not To Bring:

Please do not let your child bring money to play with, or small objects such as marbles, hard candies and those very small rubber balls that like to be bounced off of walls. Anything else, just ask me. I don’t mind if the children bring toy’s from home as long as they are safe and shared with everyone.

Please NO GUM. Most children do not remember where to put their gum when they are done chewing it.

Please No special snacks, unless they are prepared to share with all 12 day care children.

Please do not allow your child to bring matches, lighters, knives or anything else that is dangerous to themselves or the other children.


I will never discriminate in Employment Practices, and or with parents and children. Nor will I ever discriminate because of race, creed, national origin, gender, marital status, age or presence of any sensory, mental, physical disability, or use of trained guide dog or service animal by a disabled person.

Child Abuse or Neglect:

The children are MY first priority. I keep records of Children that enter child care smelling of urine or just being dirty for days. Any suspicious or unexplained bruises, cuts burns or scratch marks. Children that haven’t been feed a proper meal the night before, or are to late for breakfast and the child is hungry. Mental abuse or other physical abuse will be kept on a file or called in to Child Protective Services ( CPS ) Again, children are our future and while in my care are MY first priority. I always want to provide a safe and happy place.

Free Access:

During business hours which are 6:30-ish AM thru 5:00 PM. I allow custodial parents and or guardian (whom ever the child resides with and or the signature on the ” Child Care Home Register ” form)  free access to all child care rooms. I have on file a copy of “Compliance agreement” forms, ” Last monitor visit ” forms and ” Renewed check list” forms, Just ask.

Behavior Management and Discipline:

I believe every child should experience success. I strive for a setting in my child care environment  that provides the children with many opportunities to explore, the environment limits, and in the calm environment, most behavioral issues are prevented. If behavioral issues occur, my philosophy is to help the child learn human values, problem solving skills and to take responsibility for their choices. I have the children follow the progressive guidance techniques and to minimize inappropriate behavior while creating a positive environment for all the children. I will offer alternatives to a child engaging in inappropriate behavior by offering a different toy, or suggesting a new activity or independent play.

I believe each child is a unique individual. I’m sensitive to the child’s social, emotional, intellectual and physical needs. I focus on the process of learning and help children enjoy successful experiences. I believe in providing a physical environment that is safe, clean, healthy and orientated to a child. Child sized furniture makes children feel more at home. I offer challenging play, learning choices, and the opportunity to explore. I create a caring and nurturing atmosphere and a positive self image. We always use our manners – ‘please and thank you’s’ I will offer the children a good balanced breakfast, lunch and pm snack. Eating with the children at meal times and encouraging light conversation at the table while using our manners.

I will always provide a positive environment by establishing age appropriate limit to help the child function. I offer a child a sense of independence and responsibility by letting the child do things on his or her own, and strengthens each child’s own cultural identity. I believe a parent is the most significant role model in their child’s life. I strive to create a mutual respect between parents and myself. I do encourage daily conversations with parents, and my door is always open for any questions and or advice. I’m just a phone call away.

As an adult interacting with your child, I will always show your child respect and affection by listening to your child when your child speaks, sitting low or kneeling while your child speaks, making eye contact while your child speaks, ask your child’s opinions and suggestion and choices when possible. Spanking, hitting or any other form of corporal punishment is prohibited in my home, by the provider and parent.

Religious Activities:

The children and I always celebrate every holiday, and then some. When ever we have the opportunity to decorate the house with arts and crafts and other things, we will. Please let me know if you and your child do not want to participate in our religious and or holiday events.

Outside Play:

A 4 foot cyclone fence has been installed in my back yard to keep the children together. Weather permitting, the children will play outside. The children may get dirty on some days so maybe a spare change of clothing can be kept at day care. I ask, but not require sneakers, so the cedar play chips in the back yard do not get stuck between the children’s toes and prevents splinters. I’m always outside with the children and when I’m outside, I’m also looking around and making sure everything and everyone is playing safe and having fun.

Staffing Plan:

You as the parent are responsible for a back up child care provider on days that I am closed or in the event of an emergency.

Television Time:

Some television is watched during Child Care hours. I supply an abundance amount of activities, toys and games for the children to entertain them selves with so television is NOT a main part of our day. The television we watch is age appropriate, and educational.

Daily Schedule:

9:00 am – Last Call:

I would really like to have all of my Day Care children here by 9:00 a.m. It helps me put together a routine and or a schedule. If you are running late or have a doctors appointment, please call me or let me know
as soon as possible. I like to keep to a routine and schedule as it really does benefit the children.  If needing child care for the day you must be in child care no later than 9:00 AM

Meals and Snacks:

I like to give the children choices.  I will ask the children what they would like to eat for the day or week. Our meals are always well balanced an healthy.

Meal Examples – I do like to get creative but here are a few examples.

Breakfast: Eggs, toast, banana and milk or  cereal, banana and milk.

Lunch: Spaghetti with hamburger & red sauce, green beans, a fruit, toasted garlic bread and milk.

Snacks: Crackers with fresh fruit, or crackers with cheese and juice.

From time to time we  have  children with peanut allergies.  So if you are interested in sharing & bringing in a snack for all of the children please remember no nuts. I also have a few children with milk allergies and their parents bring in there own soy for the week.  If your child has an allergy to food please let me know.  I think that food is very important to children. Food helps them grow big and strong, and the food also has to be good or the children won’t eat it. If a child does not eat then the child gets crabby and has a bad day at child care and so on, and that is something I do not want. So that means I ask the children to eat. If the child was to says ‘no’, I ask them to “please eat, it’s yummy”. I also ask the child to try the food, because it’s good for them. I do not ever force a child to eat & I do not make special foods.  Every child  eat’s the same thing.

PLEASE,  do not bring your child into child care with a donut, pop tart, muffin or something “SPECIAL” for them to eat in front of the other children.  The younger children get confused on why they cant have some.

If you would like to provide fresh fruit, crackers and or 100% juice they are always appreciated, plus this helps keep child care costs low.


Transportation is NEVER provided.   I do not have the vehicle or the car seats to safely transport the children.  The children and I may walk to Felida Elementery school during spring break or summer vacation.  If this is ok, please check the appropriate box on the form “Permission Authorization”.

Weekend Child Care:

At this time, I do not watch children on the weekends.

Sick Days:

When your child is contagious with a rash,  diarrhea, vomiting or just sick and not feeling well,   please call me by 9:00 am and let me know that your child will not be needing child care.  I would very much appreciate it. Even though your child is sick and will not be attending child care, the rate is still the same. If I happen to be sick (which is not very often) and or contagious I will definitely call you.

Closed Days:

The days that child care is usually closed are on holidays, sometimes in the summer months I may be closed on a Friday or Monday. The parents are always notified in advanced. As a very responsible and very reliable child care provider, I should be paid for Holidays, even if I am closed. My philosophy is that if the parent receives Holiday pay, then the child care provider should also receive Holiday pay. Your sign-in, sign-out calendar will notify you of child care closed days.

If the Vancouver school district is closed due to snow, ice, high winds or stormy weather then for safety reasons I will be closed too.  If however you really NEED childcare for the day then please call or text me.  My work  # 360-576-9684 or text me at 360-910-1723

Vacation Time:

This is a tough and tricky subject.  As a licensed child care provider I operate a small business.  The State allows me up to 12 children at any given time.  So with that in mind if you want to take a vacation or just take a day off here and there, that is fine.  Child care still needs to be paid for.  Paying for child care while you are away reserves your child’s space to come back to child care.  If payment is not received then your child’s space may  be lost.

Please mark your monthly sign-in and sign-out calendars with days off, Non-attendance days, doctor’s appointments and vacation times. Also mark your calendars with a “YES” or “NO” for Holidays. If you do not need child care I may be able to close for that day. If you did not mark your calendar stating that you DO need child care on a Holiday, I may not know you needed child care and be closed. Please remember to mark your calendars to keep me informed. I would never want any confusion regarding with open of closed days. If my child care business is not needed at any particular time or day I would definitely like to sleep in and or take a day off. Thank you

My Paid Vacation:

As a State Licensed Child care provider for over 17 years I try to be extremely flexible for ALL of my Child care parents and their children. There are times when we all need a little vacation. I will try my best to keep every parent notified of my vacation schedule. ( If you don’t have my schedule or if you don’t know when my next vacation is, let me know.)

While I am away on vacation your child care payment is still required.

If you have any questions regarding my vacation days, your vacation days and or Holidays please speak with me via telephone, email or in person. I would always like to keep an open line of communication and a stress free environment for all.


No Longer Needing Child Care:

If for any reason child care is no longer needed a respectful 2 week notice in writing  would be very much appreciated and necessary per our contract together. By providing a 2 week notice in writing of terminating child care we will be ending our contract together.  I will also give out a respectful 2 week notice if needed.

If your child appears to be out of control with crying, hitting, biting or being abusive of any kind, child care may be terminated immediately. My child care business/home is a safe place for children and their families and I want everyone to feel safe..

I will not tolerate a disrespectful parent who is disrespecting me in front of my day care children. If you have something to share with me please be respectful and always remember there are children present, the children can  hear you and see you.


I have never closed down my child care business without notice. But if something was to ever happen, such as the electricity was to go out and my house had no power, I would notify you by  phone. If this was to happen while your child was in my care, I would use my own judgment as to whether I would call you at work, or just wait until you arrived at child care.


I  have one small Pomeranian who loves children.  I have two cats, one large tabby who may go outside and one Blue Russian cat who may not go outside.

No Smoking:

No Smoking is allowed inside or outside my child care business, I am a non- smoker and so are my family members.   Please  do not leave your cigarette butt’s on my side walk leading up to my house or on the street or curb.  I may be a business but this is also my home.  Thank you

As a Parent and Child Care Provider:

I know we all want happy and healthy children. I always try to be the best provider every day. I always try to be positive and happy. Every day is a new day, so tomorrow we always start with a clean slate. If for any reason you feel something was said out of content, I really would appreciate if you would bring it to my attention. I would never want any one to leave my child care business confused on what was said or done. If you have any questions or advice for me, speak with me in person in a respectful manner especially if children are present.  I like to run a very happy, healthy and safe Child Care business. I am always positive and want the best for all of my Child Care families. I will always show you respect and kindness. I would like the same in return. Thank you very much in allowing me to help you out while you are away at work. I do mean this with the most sincerity and warmth from my heart.